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Finding A great Real Estate Agent is Important for a home buyer. In this episode I give you advice as to how to choose an agent who will work for you.


Hey everybody, I’m Barry Kessler, the Real Estate Answer Man coming to you from Sunny Southern California.

This is the podcast where we talk about buying and selling real estate, we discuss investing in real estate, renting, leasing, landlord and tenant rights,  as well as California Real Estate law,We discuss home improvement, going green, Is it a good Idea to put solar Solar Panels on your roof?

 If it has anything do with putting a roof over your head, or somebody else’s head, we talk about it and much more on this show.  I’ll even take you to places only a native Southern Californian knows about.  There is something for everyone to learn, so let’s get started.

 Finding a Real Estate Agent

This is part one of a multi -part tutorial, The Home Buying Process. And in this episode, I talk about choosing the right Real Estate Agent to help you find your home.

Where Do Real Estate Agents Come From?

 How do you find a Realtor?

Well, you may meet an agent at an open house, and this is good because at an open house you can see the agent in action. You can take note as to how much preparation the agent has done for the open house. In your opinion, has the agent done a good job for the seller they are representing?  That bodes well for an agent, being seen as responsible and working hard for his or her client. Does the agent have the type of personality you can get along with? You may potentially be spending lots of time with this person so make sure you mesh well.

Open houses are just one way of finding an agent.

Agents come to us in many other ways as well. They may be referred to you through a friend or family member. Maybe this agent is a friend of yours.  Maybe this agent is a friend of yours. Maybe you found them through their website or you got their number off of a For Sale sign. Whichever way you find your agent, I have some suggestions that will make your home buying process easier and hopefully more fruitful.

  • First of all, the Agent needs to be familiar with the area you are purchasing in. A local agent will know the neighborhoods, the home styles, floor plans and builders in the tracts, as well as tracts that may have problems. They will know the schools the markets the public services and so on in the city/neighborhoods, you are looking in. In many cases, the agent will have already been inside that house you want to look at.


  • Make sure you are working with a full time agent. An agent who works full time in the Real Estate Industry will be more knowledgeable than most part timers. Real Estate contracts change at least twice a year here in California and there are always changes that need to be pointed out to buyers. A full time agent will also be more familiar with the current inventory of homes and will also have a good grasp of the current market trends as well as the proper tools needed to transact a Real Estate Purchase agreement.


  • Make sure your agent reads through the Residential Purchase Agreement with you, at least for the first offer you write. These agreements are full of all sorts of legal mumbo-jumbo that need to be explained to the home buyer. Your Agent needs to be patient enough to go through it line by line if necessary. After that, as long as you understood the first contract, the agent can even email you the contract for you to sign electronically if they are using Doc-u-sign or a similar e-signing program.


  • And lastly, make sure you find an agent that works for you. Let your agent know in advance what you expect of them. If your agent isn’t responsive and isn’t answering your calls or emails, maybe that agent isn’t for you.


As long as I’m on the subject, if you are looking to buy or sell a home in Simi Valley, Moorpark or Thousand Oaks, in The San Fernando Valley Burbank or Hollywood, I am a real live Real estate Agent and I would be pleased to assist you in your Real Estate endeavors. I work along with My wife Debra Kessler, also a Top Producing real estate agent with Century 21 Troop Real Estate. We work with the latest tools in the Real Estate Industry; we are tech savvy agents. We make and produce our own YouTube videos and podcasts, and we use you tube to market your properties.   We have the right amount of experience you will need to have a smooth and successful real estate transaction. We are backed by the largest and most successful real estate broker in Ventura County. Century 21 Troop Real Estate is a full-service brokerage affiliated with Escrow and Title. We have worked with some of the best Mortgage Brokers in the business as well.

Debra and I have a support team that would make others blush. So what I’m saying is, we want to be your Real Estate Agents for Life. Give us a call at 818-426-6415 and visit our website at www.barrykessler.com,  watch my YouTube Videos, listen to all of my podcasts and read my blogs about real estate buying and selling as well as places to visit in Southern California. And while you are at it, peruse the properties on my website and have fun.   

If you have any questions or if you have a question that you would like me to answer in an upcoming podcast, send me an email and maybe your question will become my next episode of the Real Estate Answer Man Show.

Until then, happy house hunting and I hope to be handing you the keys to your new home.

Thanks for listening, and please join me again for another episode of the Real Estate Answer Man Show.



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